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As a commercial roofing company serving Atlanta-area businesses, we often recommend EPDM roofing for properties. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a light, flexible, and cost-effective roofing solution. It’s a popular choice for businesses looking to install something they don’t have to worry about again for years to come.

Team Roofing is also a professional roofer that is highly sought-after by clients. Our BBB A+ rating and multiple local “Reader’s Choice” awards speak for themselves when it comes to our reputation. Not to mention, we have been serving as a premier roofer since 1985.

Swift & Easy Application of EPDM Roofing for Your Southern Business

It’s not hard to see why so many businesses opt for EPDM commercial roofing for their properties. This extremely durable and long-lasting product boasts a lifespan of up to 30 years. Exactly what is EPDM roofing? It’s a synthetic rubber membrane that is available in various widths and thicknesses. Businesses all over Atlanta rely on EPDM roofing for its cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Of course, our EPDM commercial roofing services also come with unique benefits and features, like:

  • Free Inspections: We provide a free 17-point roof inspection before starting any job. This ensures you know exactly what condition your property is in to begin with.
  • Easy Installation: EPDM roofs are easy to install—simply roll out the flexible membrane. The surface can be secure in place with adhesive backing, fasteners, or even using a weighted ballast along the edges.
  • Weather Resistance: Since this product is a type of rubber, it’s a great insulator and resists thermal shock, extreme temperatures, and UV radiation. It will also resist wind and hail with ease, so you can avoid future storm damage restoration
  • Flexible Financing: At Team Roofing, we also provide Southern businesses with financing options suitable for any budget through multiple lenders.

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If you are interested in having our EPDM roofers work on your commercial building, reach out to Team Roofing about a complimentary consultation. We’ll set up a meeting with one of our specialists, provide a thorough 17-point roof inspection, and create a tailored estimate for the work you want done.

We can also assist you with other kinds of roofing projects in Atlanta, such as:

Give us a call about a free consultation with one of our Southern area roofers. Or you can fill out our contact form to request more information about a free commercial roofing quote today.